José Ramón Gutiérrez 277 Awarded Global ‘Beer Joint Of The Day’ – Declared one of the best places for Santiago craft beer. 

Today we’re shouting out José Ramón Gutiérrez 277 of Santiago, Chile which serves amazing beers from their craft beer cafe, eatery and taproom.

This hip little spot serves up a range of local and imported beers, and staff are always ready to help you discover something new. Whether you fancy IPA’s, Amber ales, Blondes, Porters or Stouts you’ll find these guys have got you covered!

The interiors are modest, with a wood panelled bar and some cool wall murals. They don’t serve alcohol without something to keep you going food wise so take the opportunity to grab a good snack from their chop house style menu.

A big Hi-5 to José Ramón Gutiérrez 277  for winning our Global Beer Joint Of The Day award. We fully recommend these guys as one of the best places in town for Santiago craft beer. You can catch their latest news here


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The inside track on Santiago, Chile.

Although well known for their wine, Chile has a growing craft beer scene with a number of local breweries beautifully churning out some awesome stuff that never leaves the country. Perfectly located between the Andes and the Pacific coast, Santiago should be on everyone’s bucket list!

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