The John Hewitt Bar Awarded Global ‘Beer Joint Of The Day’ By Beer Adventures App – Declared one of the best places for craft beer in Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Today we’re shouting out the John Hewitt bar which offers amazing beer at their city centre location.

Located in Belfast’s Cathedral Quarter, The John Hewitt first opened its doors in December 1999. This bar is unique in its ownership as it is owned by The Belfast Unemployed Resource Centre. John Hewitt, the late poet, socialist and Freeman of Belfast officially opened the Resource Centre on Mayday 1983, hence the name of the bar.

We love The John Hewitt because it’s a great place to call into on a Beer Adventure. In fact it’s the perfect place to enjoy some great beers with friends old and new at any point of the day. They serve a great selection of lagers, IPA’s, stouts and a number of seasonal specials on pump and in bottles.

A big Hi-5 to The John Hewitt Belfast for winning our Global Beer Joint Of The Day. We fully recommend these guys as one of the best places in town for craft beer in Belfast. Check out their latest news here

The John Hewitt Belfast Craft Beer


You can enjoy visiting The John Hewitt and up to 6 bars and taprooms for fine craft beer in Belfast on our Belfast beer tours: 

Confident and cosmopolitan Belfast is on the up and this 6 stop tour perfectly blends a classic pub scene with some exciting new beer bars. The winner is you as you’ll drink some of the very best Irish craft beers on this 3km walking tour. This tour starts at the Botanic train station and makes its way back into the heart of the city centre.

Here’s all the info on our Belfast Beer Tour

The inside track on Belfast, Northern Ireland. 

Belfast is a foodie hotspot that punches well above it’s weight. Fully reinvented over the past decade, there’s a confidence that extends to all visitors who find it such a welcoming place. Don’t miss a day out with some original Irish pubs in all their glory with the Beer Adventures app!

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