Did someone say FREE?

That’s right – you can now take all of our 150 beer and food tours in 85 cities for FREE!


Paid Beer Adventures have been taken 1000’s of times across 85 global cities since we launched late last year, but now we want even more beer fans from all over the world to enjoy our tours and see what we’re all about!

So we’ve decided to offer our app and all it’s tours for free, zilch, zip, zero – that’s not a bad deal if you’re looking for a great day out close to home or on your holidays!

We feature over 1000 pubs, bars, breweries and eateries across all our cities with more added every week. Plus each tour route is lovingly curated so as you get to see the city sights in-between all the beering and food stops.

Beer Adventures Tours

How do I become a global Beer Adventurer!?!

First off you’ll need the latest version of our free app – find it easily on Apple iOS and Android Google Play and update if yours is out of date (if any cities still show a fee then just easily delete and reinstall our app)

  • Once the app is open, scroll through our cities and download wherever you’re heading to next.
  • These cities will be waiting for whenever you want them in ‘my cities’ in-app.
  • Take your tour whenever you’re ready – our in-app prompts make it super easy to use.
  • Hook up multiple phones to compete with friends to see who the biggest beer geek is. Perfect for holidays, stag-do’s and days out at home with beer loving pals!

We add new tours each week and have loads of new features and city launches coming to you very soon so follow us on social to be kept fully in the loop on our exciting plans!

Cheers 🍻🙌🍻

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