Rome Beer Guide

Ah Rome, what’s not to love?! Incredible food, a wealth of history to uncover and more galleries than you can shake a stick at. With so much going on, it can be hard to choose where to visit. So we’ve done the hard work for you and made this cheeky little Rome city guide to help you out…

Where to find the best beers…

We’ll kick off our Rome city guide with our favourite spots to grab a glass of the good stuff. First up is Open Baladin. This spot opened in 2009 and offers over 100 bottled beers from some of the best Italian breweries. And they have a staggering 40 draught lines for you to go at too! Another favourite is Ma Che Siete Venuti A Fa. This is a great place spot to discover some new Italian brewers, and they often host tastings and Meet The Brewer events. We do enjoy popping into a BrewDog wherever we end up. This one is just moments away from the Colosseum, which just seems too good to be true! Expect the usual stark industrial interiors, but all with a little Italian charm. And if you’re looking for local brewers, Eternal City Brewing create a great range of beers using traditional methods and high quality ingredients. Their taproom resembles a British pub, which always brings a smile. And they also serve up some fantastic burgers to soak it all up.

Rome City Guide

Our Rome city guide to great eats…

If budget isn’t an issue, you really shout treat yourself to a table at La Pergola. This world class restaurant affords diners an incredible view of the city. This is the only 3 Michelin starred restaurant in Rome, and each dish is a work of art. The wine is chosen by an award winning sommelier too, so you are in for a food and drink pairing sensation. For pasta lovers, a visit to Pasta Chef Monti. Another great spot just moments away from the Colosseum. They even offer cooking classes, so if you love what you taste, you can learn to make it at home! Armando Al Panthenon is a family owned restaurant serving the best in traditional Roman cuisine. The setting is elegant and cosy, and there are plenty of light options if you’ve overdone the carbs during your visit.

Rome City Guide

The best sights in Rome

We’ve already mentioned it a couple of times, and it’s no surprise that a visit to the Colosseum is absolutely essential. This is the largest amphitheatre ever built, and has been the focus of many gladiator films. Trevi Fountain is another must-see, drawing thousands of visitors every year. For art lovers, the Sistine Chapel is an iconic site, adorned in works by Michelangelo. And lastly, The Vatican City. The smallest country in the world (remember that one for your next pub quiz!) The Vatican City is cram packed with works of art and buildings of timeless beauty.

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Rome City Guide
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