Amsterdam Beer Guide

Amsterdam is famed for its waterways, it’s cafes and beautiful terraced facades. It is also known for the red light district, herbal refreshments and nightlife. In this city, you’ll uncover art and history, as well as an exceptional food and drink scene. So strap in, here are our top picks for our Amsterdam city guide.

Where to find the best beers…

It’s tough to pick just a few places to drink great beer, but here are a few. If you fancy pairing some food and beer together, head to ‘Cause Beer Loves Food. They serve a set menu with a selection of tasting glasses, all with a focus on marrying together the flavours of the dishes and the beers. They usually have a fantastic selection from local breweries, as well as famed UK brands such as BrewDog. For the biggest selection in town, look no further than Delirium Cafe Amsterdam, who stock over 750 bottles. You’ll be seeing pink elephants for a week! And for a fantastic selection of Dutch beer, check out Proeflokaal Arendsnest, who stock over 200 Dutch brews. This is an intimate little spot with a fantastic terrace along the canal.

Amsterdam city guide

Top locally brewed beer to look out for.

Yes, they’re big brand, but we had to include The Heineken Experience on our Amsterdam city guide. Here you can explore the company’s first brewery site, and find out the secrets behind their success. Learn about their innovation, quality control and brewing process, and sample some beers at the end. For a modern look into the craft market in Amsterdam, look out for Oedipus Brewing. They have a fantastic range with some wonderfully colourful artwork available in their taproom. And their friends The Beef Chief serve up some mouthwatering burgers! And lastly, you must sample some of the brews from De Bekeerde Suster. They have a wonderful story to tell about women in brewing, a really important piece of beer history. This old venue is beautiful, filled with copper vessels taps pouring some phenomenal beer.

Our Amsterdam city guide to great eats…

Sometimes, after a hefty evening on the brews, we need something really clean to make us feel better. Munch Fit Food is the perfect remedy! Delicious smoothies and a variety of gluten free snacks and raw salads. Trust us, this is more than rabbit food, this is exactly what is needed to get the day off to a great start. If you fancy a little fine dining without any airs or graces, head to Restaurant Daalder Amsterdam. Sit up at the bar and watch the chefs craft artistic seasonal dishes. And for a modern take on Dutch cuisine, try De Silveren Spiegel. This dates from the 17th century, and the building has maintained some fantastic original features.

Amsterdam city guide

The best sights in Amsterdam

Last on our Amsterdam city guide is sightseeing. A somber but important piece of history, The Anne Frank Museum is a key location for visitors in the city. This is the place where Anne and her family went into hiding, and where she penned her diaries throughout WWII. This is not an easy place to visit, but we feel it’s important to acknowledge and reflect upon the hardship endured by Anne and her family. The museum sits on the canal, and you can take canal cruises along here. You’ll find out about all the bikes that are thrown into the canal each year, and pass many points of interest. Take some snacks and plan your day from the water. And a visit to the Van Gogh Museum is essential. This museum is dedicated to Vincent and his contemporaries. It’s located in Museum Square and is a wonderful spot to marvel at famous works and enjoy a little quiet contemplation.

That’s it for our Amsterdam city guide, but you can easily explore this great city for yourself on our Amsterdam beer tour

Amsterdam city guide
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