Our global community of beer and food fans are taking ‘Beer Adventures’ app-led tours in cities all over the world every day. Why not include your venue on our tours and have them stop by and enjoy your beer and food!

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Fully pay as you go – we only charge our partner venues a small fee per person each time someone visits your venue.
Attract new customers from all over the world – our global community are always looking for food and drink suggestions whether home or away.
Attract locals who take our tours as a group activity with friends – increasing spends in your venue.
Let us market your venue for you, showing tangible footfall every time someone checks-in to your business on our app.


Be featured as a start-up point on our tours.
Tell your story and sell your venue with our detailed venue and photo pages.
Offer special deals to Beer Adventurers to showcase what you offer.
Have a venue page listed on the Beer Adventures website to increase your SEO exposure and awareness.
We’ll market you each week on our social media channels
Full analytics on how many beer adventurers visit your venue, how long they stay for and projected spends.

An awesome Return
On Investment

With Beer Adventures App – every £/$/€ you
spend with us – leads to 350% return in your venue.

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What our customers are saying

‘An essential app for craft beer lovers to explore any city. Integrates superbly with your phones mapping software and gives a real flavour of where the locals drink! Now, which city to visit next?
– John H – 4 city Beer Adventurer!
This app works as a great “beginner’s guide” to a new city. The tour in Las Vegas hit up some iconic spots, and made sure to include a couple of local breweries. Definitely want to try it out in more cities!
Bryce R, Appstore review


We had a fantastic time on our beer tour. Although in our home city, it took us to places we never knew existed and would never have found! We’ll definitely be using it again and for other cities when we’re out and about.
Lucy A, Private feedback after tour


App looks fantastic and easy to use. Looking forward to test driving its drinking recommendations on my upcoming trip to Glasgow.
App Store feedback.


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