Paris Beer Week Tour

Paris Beer Week Tour

We’re really excited to partner with Paris Beer Week this year to bring you an exclusive free app-led tour of 10 of the cities finest pubs, bars, brewtaps and bottleshops.

You’ll need your walking boots on and a metro ticket firmly in hand on this one, but it’ll be worth it to explore the very best beer Paris has to offer! Over the course of your Beer Adventures day out you’ll see where the Paris Beer Week team have painstakingly handpicked and whittled down for you and your friends to sup in between Paris Beer Week events.

This Beer Adventure starts conveniently close by the Pompidou and snakes all around the city. As well as great beer you’ll get to taste amazing food plus enjoy some quality conversations with the locals.

Take in the Parisian culture, drink in bars with loads of character or rub shoulders with hipsters and quasi-hipsters in craft beer caves that are usually off the radar.

Whether you live in Paris or are just visiting for the beer week, make sure you enjoy yourself on this day out around some of the world’s coolest beer joints.

Everything you need to know about this free Paris Beer Week Tour: 

Start Point: Bières Cultes Châtelet (close to the Pompidou)

Finishes: Maison-Blanche district (13th Arr)

How It Works:

The Beer Adventures app acts as a magical mystery tour directing beer fans at the touch of a few buttons. Available on iOS and Android, we offer highly curated, built in itineraries in most major cities.

The Beer Adventures App is Free To Download. You can choose from over 150 tours all over the globe for free on our iOS or Android apps. Select Paris, France on the city search screen in-app and please do share with friends if you have a good time!

Still have more questions…? 

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