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If you’re after Bangkok brewery tours, a Bangkok beer tour or a free Bangkok walking tour with a difference then you’re in luck. That’s because the Beer Adventures App is the smartest way to take a tour of a new city whether you’re on holiday or close to home.

Interested In Franchising Beer Adventures In Your City? 

Think of our Beer Adventures as interactive city guides that are highly curated to lead you on an incredible day out. You may be on your own or with friends using one phone or a few to get you around town instead of with a tour guide. But you will be together with a global community of 1000’s now using the Beer Adventures app in 85 cities across the globe.

Our Beer Adventures take you to a number of great places for beer and food and we also offer in-app discounts at loads of awesome beer spots across the globe. You’ll pass as many of the cities major landmarks as we can fit into our trails so you’ll see plenty of the city. Plus the Beer Adventures app has great info on all the places you’ll visit so as you learn about the city you’re in.

So just like a ‘real’ tour – you’ll come away feeling like you’ve had a great day out and really got to know the place you’re in!

The Beer Adventures App is Free To Download. You can choose from over 150 tours all over the globe for free on our iOS or Android apps. Select Bangkok on the city search screen in-app and please do share with friends if you have a good time!

Free Bangkok Beer Tours

This is a 6 stop, 6km tour that truly celebrates the explosion that has happened in the Bangkok craft beer scene over the past few years. Join us close to Benjakitti Park as we take you through the streets of Thailand’s electric capital to enjoy great food, beers and good times.

What’s really exciting is that Bangkok offers so many great places for beer mixed with some incredible food that pairs perfectly with it. There’s some great local beers waiting for you as well as some of the top imported European and American ales out there.

In no time at all you’ll be drinking some great Thai and local brews from the likes of: Happy New Beer, Lamzing Beer and Full Moon Brewworks.

This Beer Adventures Bangkok Beer Tour zigzags across the east of the city and passes some incredible sights. It also calls in at a number of great places to stop for food so come hungry and enjoy yourself.

Everything you need to know about this free Bangkok Beer Tour: 

Start Point: 3 BeaRs Craft Brewery (Close to Yot Sunthon Village)

End Point: Watthana district.

Distance: 6km (if you choose to visit all venues)

How It Works:

The Beer Adventures app acts as a magical mystery tour directing beer fans around a city at the touch of a few buttons. Available on iOS and Android, we offer highly curated, built in itineraries in most major cities.

Download our free Bangkok Beer Tour on iOS or Android. Select Bangkok on the city search screen in-app.

Forget expensive Bangkok brewery tours or run of the mill organised trips. We’ll get you across town to all the best bars, breweries, taprooms and eateries at the touch of a few buttons. The hardest thing you’ll need to think about is what to eat and drink next!

Still have more questions…? 

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Beer Adventures App

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