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If you’re looking for Asian Brewery Tours and to experience the emerging brewing culture of the east then you’re in luck. That’s because we offer a number of free app-led tours that take you directly to all the best bars, breweries and taprooms in 10 cities. Asian Brewery Tours have become really popular over the past few years and there’s some great places that need to be on your radar.

The Beer Adventures app currently offers specialist tours that will take you to places such as Brewerkz in Singapore. There’s 3 BeaRs in Bangkok, Arbor Brewing Company in Bangalore and ‘Amazing Brewing Company’ in Seoul. We also have Beer Adventures calling in at world famous brewery bars such as Mikkeller Tokyo, Great Leap in Beijing and Crafty Cow in Hong Kong.

You’ll get to see where so many great beers are brewed, hang out with the brewers and enjoy some awesome drinks and food in their onsite taprooms.

As well as these breweries we offer app-led beer tours that take you to all the best local bars and taprooms in one day in: Shanghai, Beijing, Hong Kong, Bangalore, Mumbai, New Delhi, Tokyo, Singapore, Seoul and Bangkok.

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Everything you need to know about our free Asian Brewery Tours: 
How It Works:

The Beer Adventures app acts as a magical mystery tour directing beer fans around a city at the touch of a few buttons. Available on iOS and Android, we offer highly curated, built in itineraries in most major cities.

Starting Out:

When ready click ‘start the tour’ after loading up your tour. The meeting point will be near a major landmark like the Empire State Building and in the tour description on-app.

Built in Google maps, Citymapper and uber will be your guide on this Beer Adventure. Once arrived at each venue always ‘check-in’ to carry on the tour and re-open the app if you’ve been in another ‘maps app’.

Every 45 minutes you’ll get a pop-up asking if you’d like to move to the next place or stay for another beer.

Download Free Asian Brewery Tours on iOS or Android. Select the city you want on the city search screen in-app.

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Beer Adventures App

The Beer Adventures app makes every day Oktoberfest in Munich. It helps you explore and discover the very best craft beer across 3 boroughs in NYC in one afternoon. It takes you to a 600 year old beer cellar in Prague, gives you the best airconned beer in Hong Kong and shows there’s much more to London than warm pints of cask ale.

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