Beer Adventures – App-led Beer Tours FAQ

Q: What is Beer Adventures? 

A: Beer Adventures are highly curated app-led beer tours that take you to all the best beer places all over the world.

Q: How does it work?

A: You can read more about how it works here

In a nutshell you will be taken around the city you’re in with integrated Google maps and every 45 minutes will receive a notification asking you if you want to move on or stay for another beer. While you’re in the bar/brewery you’ll get pop up questions to learn about the city you’re in and rich content about the place you’re sitting in and it’s beers.

If you choose to move on then you’ll be taken to the next place, so think of it as a magical mystery tour as you get taken somewhere close by that we’ve personally selected for you.

Q: How many venues will I visit on these beer tours? 

A: Our beer tours usually have between 5-10 venues with no obligation to go to them all (just select skip venue when prompted on the app and you’ll get taken to the next one).

Q: What if the venue is closed when I get there?

A: Our beer tours have all the opening times integrated into the app so you won’t get taken to a venue that isn’t open yet. That’s why if you choose to do one of our beer tours at breakfast time there will not be many places open! (NB: We use each venues websites and Google/Facebook to update the opening times regularly. If in the extremely rare case a venue is closed when you get there then please please please don’t blame us too much and check the venues social media as it may open very soon)

Q: What if I get lost on one of your beer tours?

A: Our beer tours have integrated Google maps, Citymapper, Apple Maps and Uber so you should be covered!

Q: How much distance do your beer tours cover? 

A: It depends really…Some are a short hop around town, so 1.5km may cover 6 beer stops. Some like our Tokyo one will require you to get the metro around town to visit some places. But hey we’re called Beer Adventures for a reason. Make a day of it and choose to have an Adventure with us!

Check out the tour description on the app when choosing one of our beer tours. It’ll tell you where the start point is (usually a major landmark) and how long the tour lasts for.

Q: Sell it to me more…

A: The Beer Adventures app makes every day Oktoberfest in Munich. It helps you explore and discover the very best craft beer across 3 boroughs in NYC in one afternoon. It takes you to a 600 year old beer cellar in Prague, gives you the best airconned beer in Hong Kong and shows there’s much more to London than warm pints of cask ale.

Our highly curated app-led beer tours are an amazing way to explore wherever you are as they showcase the very best bars, pubs, brewtaps and breweries with tours designed to take you past as many city landmarks as possible.

Q: When should I be using the Beer Adventures app?

A: Take our beer tours close to home, when on holiday, on your own or with a group of friends. We guarantee you an awesome time!

Q: Which city do you currently run beer tours in?

A: Currently we run app-led beer tours in these cities with more being added each week:

UK Cities:
Manchester, London, Liverpool, Leeds, Belfast, Edinburgh, Glasgow, Bristol, Cardiff, Birmingham, Brighton, Sheffield, York, Cardiff
North America:
New York, Toronto, Chicago, Asheville, Vancouver, San Francisco, San Diego, Portland, LA, Denver, Philadelphia, Austin, Seattle, Boston, Detroit, Montreal, Cincinnati, Dallas, Pittsburgh, Raleigh, Grand Rapids, Milwaukee, Cleveland, Atlanta, Charlotte, Las Vegas, Tampa, Nashville.
International Cities:
Dublin, Amsterdam, Brussels, Paris, Berlin, Barcelona, Rome, Tokyo, Hong Kong, Singapore, Melbourne, Sydney, Auckland, Buenos Aires, Cologne, Munich, Copenhagen, Tel Aviv, Prague, Oslo, Stockholm, Lisbon, Madrid, Bruges, Hamburg, Vienna, Warsaw, Athens, Budapest, Rio, Santiago, Mexico City, Helsinki, Tallinn, Reykjavik, Bangkok, New Delhi, Mumbai, Bangalore, Moscow, St Petersburg, Beijing, Shanghai.

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