Town Square Belfast

Town Square

Belfast | Northern Ireland

Town Square Belfast

Drink, Dine and Relax at Town Square Belfast

What started as primarily an award winning coffee cafe has well and truly morphed into a beer lovers paradise. Despite not having many craft beers on draft their bottled collection is enviable.

Before I get in top all that I’ll give you sense of what type of place Town Square Belfast is.

It’s hipster for sure, but what does that even mean now? When someone says hipster what do you think of? The lines have become so blurred it probably doesn’t have a real meaning. Town Square Belfast is a relaxed environment, a place to chill with a good book or work on your laptop but it is also a meeting spot or a place to book a celebratory dinner. I’d say it’s a jack of all trades but this doesn’t necessarily mean it’s not a master of them all?! This Belfast beer place is where it’s at!

Boundary IPA

I’ve eaten here for breakfast, lunch and dinner and each time I’ve been impressed by their offerings. My stand out lunch item is the pulled pork bap which is served with chunky chips and fresh ‘slaw. Try the Boundary IPA (Only £3.80) as an accompanying drink to this dish. It comes served in a branded chalice that acts as a suitable vessel for it’s beauty. Boundary is a local Belfast beer cooperative brewery based in East Belfast, only around 3 miles from Town Square itself. The Boundary IPA is quite harsh, you certainly couldn’t manage a skinful on a night out – much better enjoyed over a meal or while out for lunch.

The second beer I’d like to highlight off Town Square’s bottled menu is the Foxes Rock IPL which I enjoyed with a Chorizo and Chicken Carbonara – there’s a theme emerging here. I found this much more drinkable than the Boundary IPA – You definitely could have a skinful of Foxes Rock IPL. At £4.80 you might run out of money before you have your fill of this delightfully fruity India Pale lager.

Now is a Good Time For Belfast Beer

Plastered across the back wall of Town Square are the words ‘Now is a Good Time’ and I couldn’t agree more! Whether you’re after a quiet beer, a bite to eat or somewhere to start your night off then I’d recommend heading to Town Square. Set in the heart of Studentville this place will shock you with it’s class and distinction.

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  • Boundary IPA
Stevie M
STEVIE M Lover of the two B’s, that’s beer and Belfast obviously. I’m primarily an IPA fan but I’m open to tasting just about anything, that goes for food too.

Really enjoying the recent Belfast bar boom and am excited to see what’s coming next so make sure you follow my adventures on Beer Adventures to read all about it!


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