The Sunflower Pub

The Sunflower Pub

Belfast | Northern Ireland

The Sunflower Pub Belfast Exterior

Quench your thirst at The Sunflower Pub Belfast

When thinking of where to get a great selection of craft beer in Belfast, all the usual bars pop into my head, with the hipsterish ones taking the lead. But sometimes the traditional bars can be just as good at quenching my IPA thirst. One such example of this is the Sunflower Pub located just North of Belfast City Centre.

It’s famous for its ‘No Topless Sunbathing’ sign and it’s authentic 1970’s ‘Troubles’ metal cage around the door but don’t let this put you off. You won’t find a friendlier bar in the whole city!

The Sunflower Pub Belfast Beer Board
The Sunflower Pub Belfast Oldies
Beers at The Sunflower Pub Belfast

The Beer Selection At Sunflower Pub Belfast

On to the beers! They have a real sense of supporting local in the Sunflower. They had a great selection of local bottled beers – I tried Farmaggedon (Mosaic IPA on tap – 6.3%), Fulcrum and Heaney.

My favourite by a mile was the Heaney Blonde Session Ale. This ale is affectionately known as the craft gateway beer and you can see why, a few bottles and you’ll be well and truly hooked. If you’re a craft beer beginner I’d highly recommend sipping a bottle of this while listening to local music in the Sunflower Pub. Want to experience local – this is it!?! Back to beer, there’s also a great selection of canned craft including Beavertown Blood Orange IPA.

Why should you go?

There’s a real beery atmosphere in the Sunflower, what do I mean by this? It’s kind of hard to describe, almost like an honest no frills feel, completely the opposite to all the hipster cocktail bars popping up. Honest, traditional and crafted over time!

I urge tourists and locals who haven’t been yet to go to The Sunflower – I really can’t recommend it enough!

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  • Farmageddon Mosaic IPA
Stevie M
STEVIE M Lover of the two B’s, that’s beer and Belfast obviously. I’m primarily an IPA fan but I’m open to tasting just about anything, that goes for food too.

Really enjoying the recent Belfast bar boom and am excited to see what’s coming next so make sure you follow my adventures on Beer Adventures to read all about it!


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