Port Street Beer House

Port Street Beer House

Manchester | UK

One of the original pioneers in bringing craft beer to Manchester, PSBH is still rocking it hard 6 years later!

Let’s just make it clear to you right now – ‘Port Street’ should be extremely high on any lover of craft beers hit list, whether living in Manchester or just in town visiting for any occasion. That’s because it’s both the perfect place to pop in for 1 or 2 or to spend a long afternoon in warmth working your way through their extensive range whilst catching up with friends.

That extremely long, well curated list includes around 20 beers on tap, with at least 100 bottles on offer – mainly sourced from some of the finest USA, UK and Scandinavian breweries out there. Prices are your usual craft beer ‘premium’ but no more than you’d pay in any other major UK city for the same beer. It is though always worth checking the price (and strength) before you order a pint of that rare, one barrel produced collaboration between 3 of your favourite breweries – it could be time to get that new mortgage application ready!

On some days capacity can be a problem at Port Street Beer House and it can get very very busy at the weekends so try to get in early or go off peak if you want room to spread out. You also don’t want to miss out on their regular “meet the brewer” nights and beer launches for some of the UK’s finest breweries like Bristols’ ‘Wiper and True’. Be warned though that what usually starts off as a civilised tasting of a few very good beers turns into a bit of a midweek session and these events have been known to make the next day’s work very hard in the past…but that’s just our personal experience! 

PSBH also run nearby Common and Chorlton’s The Beagle – plus ‘Indy Man Beer Con’ so make sure you check these guys out to complete the full set! ((Below images kindly courtesy of Sebastian Matthes)

Port Street Beer House
Port Street Beer House Lighting

Port Street Beer House Bar

What’s the music selection like?

Background vibes. Usually too busy to hear anything, more likely the sound of ‘completists’ filling in their tasting note books or prodding Untappd or old friends getting rowdy after a few too many 9% Imperial Stouts.

Do they serve food?

Port Street Beer House has a few street food traders that have started pitching up here so keep an eye out but there’s nothing permanent. Beyond that you can grab pocket size pork pies, crisps, nuts and the like from behind the bar but nothing that’s going to fill you up massively. The Northern Quarter has numerous food and drink options so grab a pizza or burger before or after your beers. 

  • Cloudwater
  • Dry & Bitter Brewing Co
  • Summer Wine
  • Thornbridge
  • Ilkley
  • Sierra Nevada

  • Cloudwater DIPA – it’s the end of an era but these are constantly worth hunting out.
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