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Pillars Brewery London

Untraditional lager next to a neon junkyard

Untraditional lager? Yep, turns out that’s a thing in Walthamstow. The guys at this E17 industrial estate brewery take your traditional brew and turn it into something special thanks to four weeks of conditioning followed by dry hopping.

It’s a marriage of Brit malts, punchy West Coast hops and crisp Czech lager yeast, or if you prefer, the love child of a Pilsner and an IPA (and it’s fair to say this lager has inherited its mother’s hops). The boys describe their core beer as an: “Untraditional lager that will challenge all preconceptions of lager as a boring, tasteless beer and put them on their arse.” And they are right.

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Pillars Brewery London

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Aside from the lager, the pilsner has been a work in progress for a little while and the Pilsner 2.0 currently is shaping up nicely. There’s also a single hop (Amarillo), single malt Slam Dunkel – slightly sweet that’s kind of dd for a lager and almost and reminiscent of a brown ale – and when we visit, the Helter Skelter has just come on tap. This 4.5% helles lager is light, malty and well-balanced with honey notes.

Location location location

The beers are absolutely enough of a reason to visit, but Pillars Brewery London does occupy a pretty unique corner of the Capital that’s worth checking out.

Walthamstow itself has changed a lot over recent years, but for those who prefer their gentrification with a side of grunge, Ravenswood Industrial Estate is where it’s at. And yes, it has a lot of Instagram appeal.

From the leather sofas in the airy taproom you can see the cherry blossom mural that decorates Mother’s Ruin Gin Palace (just in case you fancy a stiff chaser) and a few steps away there’s God’s Own Junkyard. Home of vintage neon and salvaged signs – a fair amount of peep show signage from the now almost entirely spruced up and sold out Berwick Street in Soho has ended up here. And if that wasn’t enough – the adjoining tearoom is called The Rolling Scones.

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  • Untraditional Lager

  • Pilsner 2.0

  • Slam Dunkel

  • Helter Skelter

  • Slam Dunkel

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