Paris Beer Week

The Paris Beer Week

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Paris Beer Week

One festival to promote the best the world has to offer!

This festival aims to promote craft beer in a free and independent way. This week is organised by the association “Bières et Papilles”, which brings together beer professionals (merchants, brewers, distributors, associations) and beer enthusiasts.

The challenge is not to give a “commercial” character to this festival by refusing any partnership or association with big industrial groups. It focuses on giving pride to all the French craft breweries but also international who have little promotional means.

A perfect flow of events

No fewer than 150 events were organised during this 4th edition of the Paris Beer Week and for a week, Paris was turned into an international capital of beer. This included visits from renowned international brewers, hoppy adventures, brewing sessions and also educational events.

Paris Beer Week
Paris Beer Week
Paris Beer Week

Le Triangle“, a restaurant and microbrewery, was able to organise two exceptional events by offering menus associated with the Cantillon range and the Ghost Bottles of Brooklyn Brewery. The group of “La Fine Mousse” created an amazing event by confronting beer and wine by associating with a selection of cheese. They also did a cocktail event in collaboration with the bar “Castor Club“. “Brew Unique“, a brewing workshop, offered brewing sessions with Brew By Numbers and Deck & Donohue professional brewers. Not to mention the countless themed evenings in the city’s specialty beer bars and the famous tap takeovers.

The “Superbières” beer cellar was prolific, offering very simple, efficient and convivial events. Two collaborative evenings were involving “Brew Unique” and “Coconino“, offering beers specially brewed for the occasion. They also did an evening tasting of Beers and imported by our favourite beer expert “Tasting Nitch”. And last but not least, they invited “Beavertown” to present its project of brewery “Tempus“.

Paris Beer Week

A hoppy great final

It was within the impressive CENTQUATRE that the Grand Final took place. Organised with the means of the board and assisted by about 80 volunteers, the event brought together 73 breweries from the Ile-de-France, France and some international (English, Quebec, Italian, Dutch, Belgian, …). Recorded 1930 visitors and 4200 litres of beer were served there. A space which hosted conferences and concerts, a photo exhibition around the beer and 5 food stands have allowed visitors to mop the litres of beers drunk.

A successful Paris Beer Week

This 2017 edition of the Paris Beer Week has been rich in various events. Some events were original, others very (maybe too) classics, and especially some very fun times! We learned something, we made new discoveries, we drank, we laughed.

The Grand Final closed successfully this particular week. It took place at the CENTQUATRE, this space was big enough, well laid out. There were a lot of people, but everything was well organised and we could move around properly. When one knows the little financial means of the association “Bières et Papilles”, one can only congratulate them for having managed to set up an event of such magnitude as true professionals of events!

Paris Beer Week
Paris Beer Week
Paris Beer Week

… but we can do better!

So yes, the Paris Beer Week was successful, but not everything was so rosy. Beyond the usual problems of late communication, that can occur as in any festival, especially when one does not benefit from the resources of a large industrial group. The organisation remains a closed group: even bars, even cellars, even customers, even beer enthusiasts. Yes, the beers change year by year, yes, the group is widening gradually. However, we are still expecting more for an event of this magnitude.We expect more from Paris Beer Week 2018.

Paris Beer Week
Paris Beer Week

Make Craft Beer Great Again!

We are expecting a real desire for democratisation and promotion of craft beer. Because it is not by making events between us that we will interest the laypersons. It’s by bringing good beers to the people that we can promote it! By introducing beer to places where it is not present, raising awareness, educating people about good beers and bringing with us the “Beer Geeks” to let them discover new places different from the craft scene. Paris is a culturally rich city, with many projects coming up regularly between tattoo shops, barbershops, record stores, concept stores and restaurants of all kinds, and it’s in these cool places that we would like to see more great craft beers.

Step by Step

The french brewing scene is still young, especially in Paris, and it still has a lot to learn. There are still a lot of people to convert to good beers, to educate at first. Afterwards, it will be able to grow, open up to other Parisian (culinary, cultural, associative) movements and to feed on it in order to develop a strong identity and its own underground culture with its codes and style. We hope to see finally a big festival with live concerts, tattooists, artists of all kinds, food and good beers open to all and not confined to wine shops and specialist bars. These types of events are beginning to grow in Europe, so we look forward to seeing this in France as well in the future and hopefully for Paris Beer Week 2018! 


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