White Hag – The White Sow Milk Stout

The White Hag Irish Brewing Company

Ballymote | Ireland

Milk Stout Pour Hard

This milk stout makes my face happy…

It’s pretty much everything I personally would ask for from a milk stout, just the right amount of sweetness, light to medium body (anything too thick and creamy in or around the mouth is just unpleasant) with a silky smooth finish.

One of the reasons The White Sow is so pleasingly silky smooth is that it’s a nitro beer. The difference being in the gas. A milk stout in particular is all about the velvety mouth feel and the many tiny bubbles created by nitrogen rather than carbon dioxide, deliver a lightly carbonated and creamy texture with the added feature of a thick foamy head.

Milk Stout Glass
Milk Stout Poured
Milk Stout Label

Apparently, according to ‘experts’ a beer is sessionable up until 5%. For some of you out there I’m sure that’s just fine but for me personally I’d probably be on the floor after my fourth 5% booze, gabbling nonsensical political rubbish at anyone that would listen (friends would have smelled danger after beer number three and left soon after…)

At 5.2% I wouldn’t say this is a session beer, but who wants a sessionable milk stout? This to me is something to enjoy with pudding, or as pudding? The aroma and flavour is chocolate, coffee, vanilla, dried fruit and caramel. Sounds like pudding to me! Am I saying pudding too much? Pudding…

Try it…

Milk stout as a style definitely isn’t for everyone, but this one is a favourite and does exactly what it should. If you’re unsure, here’s a great place to start.

Pour Hard.

Ingredients include: water, barley, lactose, oats, cocoa, hops and yeast.


I don’t know who the ‘experts ‘ are. They probably hang out with ‘the man’ and ‘they’.

I would definitely drink several sessionable milk stouts if they were 4% or under and as tasty as this one.

Sorry for saying pudding an unnecessary amount.

*Enjoy drinking this beer and many others on our beer tours

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