Marble Verezzi x Cloudwater DIPA V13

Marble Verezzi/Cloudwater DIPA V13

Manchester | UK

Marble Virezzi x Cloudwater V13

Why quality over quantity is finally winning in my life

Ok so as I get older and possibly wiser there is an attempt in some way to become more refined in a half arsed semi-committed way. I mean the opportunities and temptations to pimp up the day to day standard life moments are there in 2017 if you want to go for it – it’s all about small adjustments on a daily basis . So over the years the coffee beans have got better (sorry Starbucks you were so 2004…) the cheese is more varied and often (the brie needs to run off the plate to be almost ripe now) and it goes without saying that drinking really decent wine is a must. It’s hard to go back to drinking nescafe coffee and alcoholic grape juice that stings your mouth once you’ve enjoyed the good stuff in life!

But these observations aren’t the pretentious ramblings of a madman, it’s just about having standards and wanting those to rise if you’re going to be paying a base rate price for these items anyway – you may as well pay a little bit more and get something that’s truly fantastic.

So it’s not probably too surprising that this is the same with beer. From those first few sips of Sierra Nevada’s stubby little bottles in what seemed like the dark ages to getting excited over Goose Island IPA being served in a restaurant 5 years ago, this beer journey is the journey that just keeps on giving week to week, month to month, year to year. If you can’t keep upping the ante of what your beer standards are then you’re clearly not looking hard enough in today’s modern world.

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And a big observation is that it’s just not a numbers game anymore – why smash 5 cups of coffee a day when you can enjoy 2 and really anticipate and savour that moment when the good stuff comes around. More quality over quantity and this washes down in all ways of thinking in my life now, but especially with the beers I’m enjoying . I never thought I’d see the day when I wouldn’t start drinking with a pint – but nowadays it’s bottle central and even starting with a small sour a few weeks ago. A pint of something average on tap is a wasted opportunity unless there’s something truly decent on.

Tell me about the freaking beer you’re supposed to be reviewing!

Ok ok I’m getting there…but I need to set the scene! So last weekend after a great afternoon of drinking wine with the simplest of ingredients – fresh seafood, good bread and lovely butter – we decided to get on to enjoying some beers that were just a little bit special. On a relaxed Sunday evening this definitely wasn’t the time to start a heavy session.

And this is why we went all in for some of Manchester’s finest breweries – 2 beers that could be shared with friends, savoured and really enjoyed, that could warrant great conversation and sipping and that went perfectly at this stage of the evening. This was enjoying beer in your mid 30’s and this was the future and most definitely the present!

More beer info please

The Marble Verezzi was first up and perfectly aged in sherry barrels, giving it a wonderful aroma and taste. This old ale style had hints of caramel which really made this a perfect dessert beer being sweet and sticky in equal measures. I’ve always been a fan of Marble but this was something next level and one I’ll be hunting out again very soon. At 8.9% it wasn’t over the top and went down a treat.

And whether this was a smart move or not to go after the Marble Verezzi (I believe so, as the Verezzi completely cut out the wine taste in our mouths), we then went for the Cloudwater V13 which we all know to be the end of an era but in a way something that has reached absolute pinnacle. A truly satisfying DIPA all the way through and something I’m sure people will be hiding away under beds and disused bomb shelters for many a year in the hope of keeping this drinkable and have one last can before they’re all gone.

So there you have it, possibly the headline should be “pretentious beer guy wastes readers time with long and drawn out ramblings of hipster requirements of modern living” – whereas I hope you get the message that “The Marble Verezzi and Cloudwater V13 are both freaking awesome beers and should be enjoyed by you at the next available opportunity” – get to it fellow fans of quality over quantity!

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