The Marble Arch

The Marble Arch

Manchester | UK

If you absolutely want to get an authentic taste of Manchester then make your way to the Marble Arch.

Great beer, food and good times are served up by Marble and their main bar room is a fine spectacle of Victorian architecture amongst a sometimes forgotten part of town. But look closer and this area of Manchester is being redeveloped into something that will be truly amazing in a few years time and we’re expecting the Marble Arch to be the crown jewel in the centre of it all. 

It’s easy to say it’s the perfect place to get settled into on a cold winters afternoon but it’s also ideal any time of the year…it probably isn’t such a bad thing to get holed up in here for the afternoon in summer either! We’re talking very tight and very cosy but this really is the perfect environment to drink beer and strike up conversations with a wide variety of patrons of all ages. 

The in house beers they produce are pure quality and they truly do fly the flag as one of the first pioneers of the Manchester craft beer scene. If you want to carry on the journey outside of here then their bottles (and now cans) are available at loads of other bars and bottle shops in the North West of England, whilst they also have a great little bar on Thomas Street in the Northern Quarter and another in Chorlton.

The Marble Arch is also a great place to stop off at if you’re heading towards the Green Quarter brewtraps like Runaway and Black Jack. The halfway house nature of it means you truly deserve that pint you’ll be desperate for if you’ve walked all the way from Piccadilly station.

A great place for every occasion, check it out. 

What’s the music selection like?

We must have been a bit sozzled last time we were in as music wasn’t on our radar!

Do they serve food?

Some of the best casual fine dining in town – make sure you get yourself into the back restaurant and fill up on great British pub food. Be expecting roasts, lots of meat and vege dishes, pies and some others that are a little less heavy such as soup and terrines.

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  • Great Divide

  • Lagonda IPA
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