The Magnet Freehouse – Stockport

The Magnet Freehouse

Stockport | UK

There’s a reason why it’s called the Magnet! This craft beer haven in Stockport, Greater Manchester will keep you coming back time and time again.

Manchester is pretty well know for having a kick ass beer and food scene but sometimes it really pays to get out of the city centre and head into the suburbs. Like with Chorlton and Didsbury, Stockport is literally just 10-15 mins to get to on public transport and well worth a trip for a change of scene and to give your wallet a rest.

So imagine a well restored ‘proper’ pub that’s easy to get to (10 mins on the train to Stockport station and a 15 min walk – or get the bus down the A6 and jump off right outside) that sells pretty much a similar range to a lot of the Manchester city centre hipster bars but with a significant reduction in price. Yes people, a place like this exists and this is why you need to get yourself to the Magnet Freehouse and Stockport for what is a growing and well established craft beer scene.

Family run, The Magnet Freehouse offers a real warmth and cosiness in and outside. It is though also a labyrinth in terms of the amount of places you can hang out in to drink your well chosen beers. There’s 2 main bars, a snug, pool room (with kick ass juke box – turn it up loud!), loads of outside seating over 2 decks and even a private room to hire on the top floor. Don’t take our word for it – this place in summer is heaving like a house party as you move from room to room bumping into people you haven’t seen for ages.

So tell me about the beer!

How does 14 cask pumps and 6 keg sound? How does a bottle fridge that’s creaking with quality bottles and cans float your boat? How does one of Greater Manchester’s largest selections of US and Euro beers go down with you, fitting perfectly alongside a range of the finest English ales?

Basically you’ll be spoilt for choice if you get your ass here – and although there’s some great boozers nearby to make a night of it (hello The Crown, Hope and an equidistant stagger to Heaton Moor or Stockport town centre), the Magnet Freehouse really again lives up to it’s name to keep you here. Once the hours and beers go down you really do think why move on when you’ve got it so good.

What else can you tell me about the Magnet Freehouse?

Throw in their onsite brewery pumping out a super local beer (Watt’s Brewing), free pool night on a Wednesday and every Friday night ‘The pizza maker’ street food pitching up at their place and you have a real hive of activity most nights of the week. Check out what they have going on here

We’ll see you down there for one, two or maybe three pints – and possibly still change left over from a tenner if you choose well!

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