Lervig – Johnny Low IPA

Lervig / Johnny Low IPA

Stavanger | Norway

Lervig Johnny Low Can Art

Now I’m not too sure who Johnny Low is but he looks from the can like he’s a guy who gets stuff done!

That I reckon is because this super low percentage IPA (2.5%) is a beer that will leave you able to handle a light day at work even if you have a few in the sun on a relaxed and sunny afternoon (but maybe not operate heavy machinery and probably, in fact definitely don’t think about driving!)

For a while now I’ve been saying to friends that I wished a lot of beers were lower alcohol. I mean it’s not that I’m part of some kind of underground temperance movement that wishes to take the fun, fun, fun away from life or that at 35 the hangovers have gotten so bonecrushingly bad (well it depends day to day…) but overall I would just like to be able to sit down and enjoy a good range of beers each evening before realising that the beer I’m drinking is 8.5% and had better take it easy when the plan was to go ‘session’ all the way.

Put it this way, sometimes sitting down to drink a couple of nice strong Russian Imperial stouts really does start to feel like a commitment up there with some of the hippies in the 60’s doing their weekend long acid tests.

Map of Norway
Lervig Johnny Low out of can
No hangover with Lervig Johnny Low

So sitting between my casual love of a weekday Nanny State and a ‘cell smashing B.O.R.I.S The Crusher at the weekend I was looking forward to trying the Lervig Johnny Low to see if at 2.5% it could deliver on taste and enjoyment.

And my groundbreaking verdict?!? Well it’s not a bad crack at a low percentage beer and overall it’s enjoyable enough to have 1, possibly 2 cans on a summer day. Nothing blows you away compared with a meatier hop monster IPA but if you’re seriously just wanting to keep things respectable for an afternoon session or maybe just whet your whistle to take away the beer itch on a weekday evening then it’s perfectly ok.

Lervig’s official tasting notes can all be found here – whilst you can find me back on the hunt for more low and high alcohol beers near you soon!

JQ out

ps – I’ll probably be picking up a few cans of Lervig Johnny Low for festival/wedding season this year and also seeing what Mikkeller are currently up to with their very decent low ABV beers so will report back on any other new finds soon.

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