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La 7éme Vague

Portiragnes | France

La 7éme Vague Portiragnes

In a sea of average there’s thankfully some people out there doing something special that fully deserve a hi-5!

If there is a God up there then He fully was looking down on me and making things happen to make me have a great day. After camping in the South of France for 10 days I was getting slightly fed up with supermarket beers and the occasional local Portiragnes beer (gotta say the local wine was damn good though) but divine intervention happened when I received a hot tip from a fellow camper that there was a Belgian beer bar just 10 minutes walk from the campsite!

From that point on a sonic boom pretty much happened as I vacated the space and made my way down there to see if it could all be true. YES the Portiragnes beer scene was alive and in good health.

La 7éme Vague Portiragnes Bar
La 7éme Vague Portiragnes Bottle selection
La 7éme Vague Portiragnes Bar

So basically if you’re in the local area and are into your beer (and of course you are if you’re reading this) then get yourself here. There’s probably 10 beers on tap and 2 giant fridges full of truly great suds so really you’re spoilt for choice.

As well as beers they have a great seaside selection of food and snacks (the fries were awesome, burgers look fantastic and the moules to die for) and there’s probably seating for around 40 people outside and the same inside.

What did I enjoy on a Portiragnes beer adventure?

First off I enjoyed the Torpah60 which was highly on my mind after drinking some very average beer all week – the hoppier the better in my book and this did the trick, the owner of the bar got it right with this suggestion and it really hit the spot in terms of a post beach beer.

But one light beer was enough and I was craving something darker and more exciting, who knows – it could be the only chance before returning back to the UK so I went for the same brewery ‘Brasserie {C}’ and nailed their Black C black IPA. Yep – this imperial stout was exactly what I was after and went down well with frites 🙂

And to round things off before I couldn’t find which tent I was staying in due to far too much beer based fun was the Brasserie de la Senne Zwet IPA – another great black bomber that hit the spot on so many levels.

3 Belgian beers – 3 great choices and I still have room to visit on hopeful repeated journeys when I’m next in town and looking for Portiragnes beer awesomeness.

A Hi-5 to Seb at La 7éme Vague

As I mentioned before, it’s really important that there’s people in life pushing for something more and offering a truly excellent experience in places you wouldn’t usually expect. This hi-5 is truly going to owner Seb for offering an excellent bar with a truly stunning range, great food and he really knows his stuff. Really happy to get this hot tip and would say check it out if you’re in Portiragnes.

  • Brasserie du Virage
  • Brasserie {C}
  • Brasserie de la Senne
  • Brasserie du Bocq
  • La Bascule

  • Brasserie de la Senne – Zwet IPA – completely awesome!
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