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London | UK

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Brewed in Belgium by founder Pete Brown, who likes things done the right way.

This 5.4% unfiltered hop forward brew is one I’ll come back to again and again. Not only to taste the difference between it being brewed in Belgium and brewed in Hackney. I want to know if any of the flavour is lost on the way over here, or if brewing it in an ancient, family owned brewery is what gives it it’s magic. I have a feeling wherever it’s made it’s gonna be good!

Their flagship beer WORK is named after the street that it was first brewed on by Siren and Camden alumni Pete Brown (not that one…) and in 2015 the first large scale batch was made over in Belgium. It has literally flown off the shelves/pumps and has people coming back for more.

There’s something to be said for concentrating on making one or two great beers and not going for quantity over quality. As far as I’m aware they’ll be opening a brewery in Hackney soon enough and I can’t wait to visit. For now they have a tap room with several other breweries on offer including Kernel, Five Points and Hommelbier.

Forest Road Brewing
Forest Road WORK Beer
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The aroma/flavour of Work is super weedy, sweet, earthy and citrus with a balanced bitterness, cloudy gold colour and a slightly drying mouth feel.

Enjoy this special beer from Forest Road Brewing Co!

Katy H
KATY H Brewery worker and beer sommelier in training, with a passion for real ale. Preferer of sours, saisons and stouts. Still getting to grips with barrel-aged beverages and barley wines. Unequivocal tryer-outer of all beer styles.


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