Deck & Donohue La Terrasse

Deck & Donohue La Terrasse


View from a beer and the terrasse

Deck & Donohue brewery gets their own space!

Since May, Deck & Donohue Brewery has settled on the terrace of the “Bob’s Bakeshop” vegetarian canteen in the 18th arrondissement. It takes place in a renovation project “La Halle Pajol” (amid growing gentrification) in the district. Deck & Donohue The Terrace is for the moment a temporary pop-up project from 17 May to 13 August, offering from 4 pm to midnight, Wednesday to Sunday, an craft beers, rosé wines and plates to be shared.

The place itself is super cool, the setting is idyllic especially when the sun is present. The Halle Pajol, although located in a very popular area, remains peaceful and secure. We see a full mix of patrons including young parents walking their children, young revellers coming from the cocktail bars, and curious good beer lovers.

Deck & Donohue

The Deck & Donohue Brewery is not on its first try with the “Bob’s Bakeshop” canteen. They have already served their beer some weekends to accompany the brunch served here. In fact, this terrace is a project that continues to take shape and a willingness on the part of the brewery to have a longer term place dedicated to their beers. This space on the esplanade Nathalie Sarraute, looks like a small biergarten, tables and also lounge chairs with the image of the brewery.

What do we eat ?

On the yummy side, Deck & Donahue La Terrasse offers small snacks: Sicilian olives, burrata, house hummus with very good pita bread, zucchini and grilled eggplant. It’s good, it’s healthy, it smells of the Mediterranean. On the drinks side, it offers fruit juices for the smallest, natural rosé wines and of course beers on tap- 4 very good fresh beers of the moment.

Let’s have a beer ! (or two)

Deck & Donohue took advantage of the launch of its terrace to relaunch the “Clem’s”, its seasonal beer, a very refreshing summer wheat rather light (4.5%) but very greedy and fruity thanks to Mosaic hops. In July, the series “Summer of Hops” will return with three new beers, a series that tries to highlight the hops without necessarily offering classic IPA:

  • India Dark Lager (6%): a hopped lager brewed with new varieties of German hops
  • Meringue Pale Ale (4.5%): a blended ale breaded with lactose and wheat, and very fruity hops. A first version will arrive in early July, followed by others during the summer
  • Pâturage (5%): an ale blade generously hopped over the last few minutes of boiling and cold hopping after fermentation to bring out the very vegetable and herbal side of the hops with moderate bitterness.

In short, Deck & Donohue La Terrasse is open until August 13, to enjoy a Parisian summer and a little-known place of the capital, it would be a shame not to enjoy!

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