Brooklyn Brewery Really Loves Paris

Brooklyn Brewery Really Loves Paris

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Brooklyn Brewery is turning up the heat in its love affair with Parisian life.

After launching its “Bel Air” beer at Headquarters in March, Brooklyn Brewery continues its conquest of Paris by knocking ambitious and original events out of the park. Its founder loves France, he loves Paris and it was the first brewery in American craft to be exported to France.

Today, with the arrival of plenty of other foreign players in the beer market, Brooklyn has to demonstrate all its love and to establish its position as the US leader on the French market which shows why they’ve really been turning on the charm recently and are inviting hip Parisians to their upcoming MASH Mansion House as they bring this world famous series to the city of love. 

Charm Offensive One – Scumbags in Paris

During an exceptional three-night Asian restaurant takeover, Brooklyn Brewery invited three internationally renowned chefs from Hong Kong to offer a unique and original menu showcasing Asian cuisine combined with kick ass beers. Brooklyn beers paired with food included the exclusive and excellent “Tripel Burner”, a triple beer aged in white wine that was off the hook. A very successful gourmet event that we all and enjoyed and we hope to see more of this!

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Charm Offensive Two – The Visit Of Garrett Oliver

Garrett Oliver is the founding brewer of Brooklyn Brewery (created in 1988). He is also one of the pioneers of craft beer in the USA, considered by his peers as the holy oracle and a great example to follow.

It was during the recent Paris Beer Week that he visited us for a number of exclusive events. Tastings included beers such as the Cloaking Service, a Brett Porter aged in red wine barrels, within “Brew Unique”, sponsored by Garrett Oliver himself!

The next day, the master brewer participated himself in a collaborative brew with the beer breweries and BAPBAP, which also included an opportunity to give a press briefing on the presentation of the MASH festival event which will take place in June in Paris.

Finally, the third event was a gourmet occasion at the restaurant Le Triangle, with a menu peppered with the famous “Ghost Bottles” of Brooklyn Brewery.

It was true from all these events that Brooklyn Brewery continues to love Paris!

Charm Offensive Three – The Place To MASH!

All these taster events have allowed Brooklyn Brewery to announce the arrival of their MASH festival to be held on June 8 and 9 in Paris. Unlike last year, where the festival was held over a week with a multitude of varied events, the MASH will take place over two days to keep it punchy at their own “Beer Mansion” (The artistic squat of 59 rue de Rivoli will be transformed into a Manoir dedicated to beer)

Brooklyn Brewery promises a different atmosphere on every floor of this building. An experience on every floor, music, games, arts, dance … with of course the highlight being the beer!

There’ll also be exclusive Brooklyn beers not distributed in France (the Cloaking Device and the Naranjito), and four micro-breweries invited to the event, two Nordic and two Ile-de-France: BAPBAP and Brasserie de l’Être. As our friends across the Atlantic would say: be there or be square!

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