Beavertown – Gamma Ray

Beavertown / Gamma Ray

London | UK

Consistently excellent and becoming a go-to beer on pump in increasing volumes at bars across the UK, Beavertown Gamma Ray is a great choice for any occasion.

This is a tropical, crisp and fresh beer which is  as session as they come – at 5.4% you can have more than a few on a sunny afternoon, or start to get excited about the summer if sipping on it through a cold and damp winter evening.

With a huge hop flavour you’re going to get all sorts of hints of grapefruit and mango from this American Pale Ale which will excite the senses but will also not completely destroy your tastebuds like some fruity beers.

Packed with Columbus, Bravo, Amarillo, Citra and Calypso hops it has set the benchmark in what to expect from a flagship core-range beer which is easily and readily available domestically and for export.

Special shout out to Nick Dwyer for the awesome can-art that stretches all around their range – the Beavertown Gamma Ray can is as iconic and strong as it’s contents, with more quality art work to be seen across all their beers.

If you need to go one further from Gamma Ray then check out their limited edition extra tropical ‘Tropigamma’ IPA that was brewed with lactose, pineapple, mandarin, papaya, passionfruit, guava, mango and lime juice – it truly is excellent!

You can find Beavertown Gamma Ray in keg and can on sale all across the UK in pubs, bars and bottleshops.

Make sure you also check out the Beavertown website for regular events and festivals including their ‘Beavertown Extravaganza’ which showcases a multitude of excellent breweries from all over the world across 2 days in London. Not only are we looking forward to drinking super fresh Gamma Ray but we’ll also be on the hunt for great things from Omnipollo, Mikkeller and Cigar City.

*If you do find yourself in London then make sure you don’t miss out on our awesome London beer tours – there’s loads to be going at!

Jonny Q
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