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Dynamo – Bar de soif

Dynamo in Saint-Gilles is one of a small number of new breed Belgian bars focussing on craft beer, and by God they are doing it well....

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A 24 Hour Adventure in Bruges Beer

Enjoy this immaculately kept medieval town full of Belgian beery wonders and have yourself a Bruges beer adventure amongst its canals and cobbled streets....

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If you're looking for an underground, alternative bar where you'll meet travellers and locals alike, this is the place.....

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MBCC – Mikkeller – Copenhagen 2017

If you love beer then make sure MBCC is top of your list. Go for the festival but go for as long as you can in the week before - you won't regret it! ...

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Mikkeller – Green Gold IPA

Mikkeller is a brewery which is always on our radar, putting out beautiful beers at all times. Their Mikkeller Green Gold IPA is no exception....

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Paris Beer Week

The fourth edition of the Paris Beer Week took place from 5 to 13 May 2017, over 150 events organised in Paris and a Grand Final organised at CENTQUATRE....

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Deck & Donohue La Terrasse

Deck & Donohue have opened up an ultra cool new pop-up in Paris. Make sure you enjoy the freshest beers and finest foods the craft beer scene has to offer...

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Brooklyn Brewery Really Loves Paris

Brooklyn Brewery is turning up the heat in it's love affair with Parisian life by bringing kick ass events and it's MASH festival to the city of romance. ...

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La 7éme Vague

If you're looking for great Portiragnes beer then make sure you head straight to La 7éme Vague. A Belgian beer bar with great food, drinks and atmosphere ...

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Hellfest – David Takes On Goliath In Beer

We enter Hellfest to report on a smart way craft beer lovers are trying to break down the monopoly held by corporate fat cats! ...

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White Hag – The White Sow Milk Stout

At 5.2% I wouldn't say this is a session beer, but who wants a sessionable milk stout? This to me is something to enjoy with pudding, or as pudding?...

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Lervig – Johnny Low IPA

Lervig Johnny Low at 2.5% is a beer that will leave you able to handle a light day at work even if you have a few in the sun on a relaxed and sunny afternoon ...

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Marble Verezzi x Cloudwater DIPA V13

The Marble Verezzi and Cloudwater V13 are both freaking awesome beers and should be enjoyed by you at the next available opportunity...

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The Magnet Freehouse – Stockport

There's a reason why it's called the Magnet Freehouse. This craft beer haven in Stockport, Greater Manchester will keep you coming back time and time again....

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The Marble Arch

If you absolutely want to get an authentic taste of Manchester then make your way to the Marble Arch for amazing beer and food that's equally as good....

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Heaton Hops

Heaton Hops is a real gem of the Manchester scene, consistently winning awards and definitely worth the 8 minute train journey to Heaton Chapel from Manchester ...

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Port Street Beer House

One of the original pioneers in bringing craft beer to Manchester, PSBH is still rocking it hard 6 years later!...

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Pillars Brewery London

The guys at this E17 industrial estate brewery take your traditional brew and turn it into something special - check out Pillars Brewery London asap!...

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Orbit Beers

What came first, the beer or the music? At Orbit Beers – they seem to go hand-in-hand thanks to founder Robert Middleton and his unique blending of the two. ...

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Forest Road Brewing Co – WORK

Brewed in Belgium by founder Pete Brown, this 5.4% unfiltered hop forward brew is one I'll come back to again and again. Nice work Forest Road Brewing Co...

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Beavertown – Gamma Ray

Consistently excellent and becoming a go-to beer on pump in increasing volumes at bars across the UK, Beavertown Gamma Ray is a great choice for any occasion...

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Town Square Belfast

Town Square Belfast started primarily as an award winning coffee cafe but has well and truly morphed into a beer lovers paradise....

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The Sunflower Pub

Quench your thirst at the Sunflower Pub Belfast. This updated classic serves a great selection of local and international craft beers to a great bunch of people...

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