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Beer Adventures are interactive city guides that take you on app-led tours all across the world..

Our mission is to give everyone who uses our app an insider guide to the city they’re in. This means hitting all the best bars, breweries and taprooms in town. We also showcase incredible places to eat and take you past as many city landmarks as possible.

We’re also called Beer Adventures for a reason. That’s because in one afternoon you could be hitting 10 incredible beer stops as you make NYC your beer playground. You could be zooming across Tokyo with a metro ticket to hit a number of awesome tucked away ale houses. Or you could just as easily be visiting 6 places within walking distance in Warsaw, spending that time getting to know the locals and chatting with the bar staff about all the local specialities!

150+ Different tours in 85 Cities across the globe

The Beer Adventures app makes every day Oktoberfest in Munich. It helps you explore and discover the very best craft beer across 3 boroughs in NYC in one afternoon. It’ll take you to a 600 year old beer cellar in Prague. You’ll enjoy the best airconned beer in Hong Kong and see there’s much more to London than warm pints of cask ale.

Our highly curated app-led tours are an amazing way to explore wherever you’re going! Why not join the 1000’s of people already using us all over the globe

See the sights as well as the great food and drink.
We’ve designed our Beer Adventures app to be used at home, in a nearby city or when travelling the globe. Our Beer Adventurers use us to tap into the authentic beer and food scene wherever they are in the world.
You’ll learn about the history of a city and enjoy the scenery as we take you past as many iconic landmarks as possible. For instance our Rome tours start right outside the colosseum and snakes around the city, covering numerous sights in between 6 beer stops!
More than just a city guide!

Let our app do all the heavy lifting so that the hardest thing to think about is what to drink at each venue. We’ll get you around town at the touch of a few buttons, so sit back and enjoy amazing beer after amazing beer.

Beer Adventures can be used on your own as a guided tour of the city you’re in. It can be played with friends using multiple phones all at the same time. Take the lead on this and choose ‘Group Adventure’ when asked. You can then invite friends to join you and make it a day out to remember.

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Beer AdventuresAdventures with Beer

Follow us as we go looking for the best beer in the world, remixing it with food, music, travel and always a sense of adventure.

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