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The Runaway Brewery. If you ever need a recommendation for a great bar, we think these folks are the ones to ask! They tell us what it is they love so much about Manchester, as well as some fantastic places in Basque country. It’s got us all inspired for some travels this year!

Who are you?

The Runaway Brewery.

Where do you live at the moment?

Manchester in the UK.

Tell us a little about yourself, how did you come to be doing what you do?

The brewery was set up in 2014 in response to what we saw as a movement to reinvigorate the British beer scene & a declining beer/pub culture. We brew internationally influenced, modern British beer.

Which venues are your favourite for drinking beer locally? Where should be on our radar?

We’ll no doubt miss a load, but here’s a few to try. We love Smithfield Market Tavern, Beermoth (cellar) and Café, Pilcrow. Port Street Beer House is also fantastic, Mackie Mayor (Market Hall), Crown and Kettle, Angel, Marble Arch, Knott Bar and Brink. You’ve got Gas Lamp, Gas Works, Common, Terrace NQ, Cane and Grain, Bay Horse, Beagle, PI (Chorlton & Altrincham). Then you have Mayfield & Fairfield Social Club, Altrincham Market Hall, Harvey Leonards (Glossop). And then there’s the brewery taps! Track Brewery Tap, Cloudwater Barrel Store is really popular, Beer Nouveau Tap Room. Also Blackjack Brewtap (Seasonal). And of course, the Runaway Brewery Tap Room!

Runaway Brewery

Can you describe your local beer scene in a few words?

Manchester is one of the best cities for beer drinking in the UK right now. Modern, progressive breweries and craft beer bars rub shoulders with heritage pubs and family breweries seamlessly. With IMBC in September and the CAMRA Manchester Beer and Cider Festival in January, we have two of the biggest and most influential beer event in the UK calendar.

Which is your favourite world city to visit, and if we were to go there, where would you send us?

We don’t really do favourites, and with the brewery in full swing, we don’t get out as much as we used to (thanks for the reminder!). We were invited to Barcelona Beer Festival a couple of years ago and are going again in 2018. Lots of great beer being produced locally and a fantastic selection of ever changing bars to seek out.

Runaway Brewery

Which destination would be top of your bucket list and why?

Got an eye on kayaking the Norwegian fjords at some point. Natural beauty, space and solitude – escapism at its best. Probably not many bars, but we could take or make our own beer after a long day paddling the glassy waters!

What is the most unique food and drink experience you have had in your city?

Our pals at GrubMCR run a weekly beer and street food event at their current railway arch home, Fairfield Social Club. Well worth a visit. At the other end of the spectrum, the newly tarted up market hall at the Mackie Mayor is filled with local indie food vendors, with beer provided by Blackjack Brewery’s Jack in the Box. Both are excellent places to explore beer and food in tandem. Hawksmoor do a great line in food and beer, but their beer cocktails alone justify a visit. We also host a monthly supper club at the brewery, where we challenge local chefs to come up with interesting menus for us to beer match with.

If you were to design a beer tour of any city, which spots would you include and why?

We make great beer tourists! Feel free to throw us into a city and we’ll have a go at creating a beer tour for you! The last place we visited was San Sebastian in the Basque country. Aside form all the amazing pinxos, you’ll find a few good bars too. Try Mala Gissona Beer House, and also Gerald’s Bar. Kainabikaina for take-out on the beack, Pub Drop, Etxeberria, and Akerbeltz. Our pals from Bidassoa Basque Brewery have a great local taproom in nearby Irun too. It’s only a short train ride away.

And lastly, this is your place to shamelessly plug any of your news from The Runaway Brewery!

Our taproom is now open every Saturday from 12-8 with tours and tastings at midday every week. We also offer group tours, which are bookable in advance. Our monthly supper club event is held on the third Thursday of the month. Check Eventbrite to find out who’s cooking and to order tickets.

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