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Matthew Curtis, beer writer extraordinaire and UK Editor of Good Beer Hunting. It sounds like the dream job, and it is! Matthew Curtis began his blog Total Ales a few years ago now, and it was the start of a thrilling journalistic adventure into the world of beer. He is now a regular contributer to Beer52’s ‘Ferment Magazine‘ and has also had articles featured in The Morning Advertiser. Matthew is also a keen photographer, capturing beautiful shots from his beer adventures, some of which we are lucky enough to feature here. We caught up with him to find out about some of his favourite London haunts, as well as must-visit beer destinations further afield.

Who are you?

Matthew Curtis, UK Editor at Good Beer Hunting.

We love Good Beer Hunting, especially the podcast! So, where are you living at the moment?

London, the best city in the world!

Can you describe your local beer scene in a few words?

Eclectic, energetic, exhausting, and always taking my surprise.

Tell us a little about yourself, how did you come to be the UK Editor of Good Beer Hunting?

I started a beer blog as a hobby at the start of 2012 and things gradually snowballed from there. I never expected, or hoped, to turn it into a career, but now I have the best job ever!

Good Beer Hunting

Photo credit: Matthew Curtis

Which venues are your favourites for drinking beer locally? Where should be on our radar?

Locally I drink in The Prince, Bounds Green (my partner is its manager) and The Dukes Head in Highgate. I run events for both but even when I not working I can’t stop myself from heading in. In London I also love drinking in The Harp, Covent Garden and The King’s Arms in Bethnal Green. I love the feel of a traditional pub but with a well thought out, modern beer selection.

Good Beer Hunting

Photo credit: Matthew Curtis

Which is your favourite world city to visit, and if we were to go there, where would you send us?

Chicago, Illinois is one of the most brilliant cities I have ever been to. It’s got one of the most mature modern food and drink scenes I’ve ever experienced. Forbidden Root, Dovetail and Half Acre breweries are a must visit. Bar wise hit up Local Option for some great beers in a dive-y setting. Head to The Northman for some killer ciders and grab a table at Longman & Eagle for some of the best American cooking you’ll ever experience – oh, and lots of bourbon.

Which destination would be top of your bucket list and why?

I’ve never been to Japan so I’d say Tokyo is probably top of my list. However, the US is my next favourite country to explore and there are still many cities I’ve yet to explore.

Good Beer Hunting

Photo credit: Matthew Curtis

What is the most unique food and drink experience you have had in your city?

Here in London there’s a fantastic restaurant in Haggerston, East London called Brawn. They pair seasonal plates with an amazing selection of natural wines. I’m also hugely fond of grabbing a beer and bowl of ramen at Nanban in Brixton. In Philadelphia you have to head to John’s Roast Pork for one of the best sandwiches you’ll ever experience. And in Seattle head to Holy Mountain Brewing Company for a beer after you’ve spent the morning gorging yourself on clam chowder and oysters at Pike Place Market.

If you were to design a beer tour of any city, which spots would you include and why?

Oh, it would have to be North London, it’s my home after all. I’d start the day at Craving Coffee in Tottenham with breakfast and a bloody, before hitting up Pressure Drop and Beavertown breweries down the road. Then I’d head back to Five Miles, a great bar and night club that opened just opposite Craving Coffee with a killer beer selection. Then I’d probably head down the River Lea to Mason & Company for a few more beers and a meatball sub from Capish before rounding off the night next door with a go on the arcade machines at Four Quarters.

And lastly, this is your space to shamelessly plug anything you want!

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Good Beer Hunting

Photo credit: Matthew Curtis

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