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Us! As we enter 2018 we start to think about creating our New Year’s resolutions. This year I’ll be healthier, I’ll exercise, eat better, drink less. Many of us will challenge ourselves to a Dry January, or set ourselves sensible budgets while we recover from the festive spending. But what impact does this have on our local and national beer scene? This time of year can be a little scary for our breweries, bottles shops, pubs and bars because sales dramatically slow after Christmas. But fear not, Tryanuary to the rescue!

What Is Tryanuary?

January can be a difficult time for our breweries, retailers and hospitality venues. Tryanuary is a fantastic campaign that encourages people to support the UK beer industry through this quiet time of year. We all tend to cut back a little in January, but if we each had a couple of treats we could really help keep things afloat!


Who started Tryanuary?

Tryanuary was first started by Andy Heggs, a beer blogger from Manchester. Founded in 2015, Tryanuary is made possible by a team of enthusiastic volunteers who give up their time and great ideas to spearhead the campaign. Andy has since passed the baton to Tom Stapley of Craft Beer Hour, who continues to further the campaign with his ever-growing network of beer lovers.

Who benefits from Tryanuary?

The real question here is ‘who doesn’t benefit?’! Tryanuary helps breweries to keep their sales figures looking healthy through a tricky period. If we visit our pubs and bars and try to keep them busy we can also help them maintain healthy sales. This means that hopefully staff won’t lose working hours, which is always a worry during quieter months. And you benefit too, by enjoying some great events, meeting new people and trying new things. Tryanuary are also working with the charity EACH (East Anglia’s Children’s Hospices). This amazing charity support children with life-threatening or life-limiting conditions, so you can donate to a cause that really makes a difference for families.


How can I involve myself?

There are loads of ways to involve yourself, and the simplest is to go to the pub! maybe you could look out for a bar or pub that you haven’t been to before. You could even use our Beer Adventures app to head out on an exciting beer tour in your city! Check out events that are happening locally and get yourself there. Many regions have a Local Champion who will be able to provide information on what’s going on in the area. Drink along on the Beer Days, where you can find out about exciting beer from different regions. Head to your local bottle shop and treat yourself to something special. You can always get something to age in the cupboard if you’re trying to avoid drinking at the moment.

What will I get out of it?

First of all, if you make time to get out and about in January you can avoid those post-Christmas blues! You’ll also discover amazing venues and breweries, and you may even make some new friends along the way.


Is it just about beer?

The campaign initially started to support the beer industry, but there’s nothing stopping you from applying this to other small retailers. Why not check out a new independent coffee shop, or try shopping at your local farmer’s market. If we all allocated a little more of our weekly spend to small independent retailers we could make a real difference to our local economy. And it’s a great way to discover thoughtfully crafted products too.

But I’m doing Dry January!

Dry January can be a great way to kick start the year with a healthy attitude, but it doesn’t mean you can’t support Tryanuary. Let’s not forget that pubs are social hubs, not just drinking holes. You can still get yourself out of the house and support your local. You can use it as an opportunity to seek out interesting alcohol free options, keep your eyes out for interesting non alcoholic beers from the likes of Big Drop Brewing Co and Nirvana Brewery.

How can I help the campaign?

You can help by telling your friends and spreading the word on social media. And don’t forget to use #Tryanuary on all your posts! If you manage a venue, you can always print out the official Tryanuary poster and display it to your customers.

How can venues get involved?

You might be a little late to get really involved at this stage, but if you have any events or promotions planned, get in touch with your Local Champion and let them know about it. And you can use your social media network to promote the campaign too. Or if you’re feeling really organised, maybe think about what you could do to involve your venue in 2019!

Where Can I Find Out More?

You can find out more from the official Tryanuary website, or by seeking out your Local Champion. You can also find out more from Social Media, and don’t forget to use #Tryanuary on all your Facebook Twitter and Instagram posts.

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