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This week we are catching up with UBREW, a co-brewing workspace for budding homebrewers to spread their wings. UBREW feature on a London brewery tour on our app, so it seems only right to find out a little more about the people behind this brilliant idea! Wilf tells us what he loves about the London beer scene, and gives us some great recommendations for Barcelona too!

Who are you?

Wilf Horsfall

Where are you living at the moment? 


Tell us a little about yourself, how did you come to be doing what you do?

Matt and I set up UBREW after meeting at a co-working space. Matt was on staff there and I was a member. I was freelancing in graphic design at the time, web development and copy-writing. So basically an all in one branding package. Matt and I would end up chatting in the kitchen about beer and brewing, and we wondered why there wasn’t a co-working space for brewers. So that’s how decided we needed to create a co-brewing space.

London Beer

Which venues are you favourites for drinking beer locally? Where should be on our radar?

I’m a big fan of The Harp near Trafalgar Square and The Hope down in Carshalton. Both bring together some great craft beer and a traditional pub vibe. Mother Kelly’s also cannot be missed. Their setup is very similar to that of most London breweries, but instead of brewing gear, they have fridges and fridges of glorious beer, and more taps than you’d ever dare to think possible.

Can you describe the London beer scene in a few short words?

Banging. The London beer scene is at a turning point now – the small guys of yesterday are now pretty big, and the smaller, newer breweries are branching out and trying a lot of new things to compete. Meanwhile those big guys are doing some pretty nifty stuff in terms of collabs and events. It’s vibrant.

Which is your favourite world city to visit, and if we were to go there where would you send us?

Barcelona. Hit Biercab, Ale&Hop, Black Lab and Lambicus.

London Beer

Which destination would be top of your bucket list and why? What would you get up to there?

I’ve been to a lot of great places, but I’m assuming you want to hear about somewhere I haven’t been yet. I haven’t explored South America, and I really want to. Ideally I’d start in Mexico and work my way south. The landscapes look stunning.

What is the most unique food and drink experience you’ve had in your city? And what about when you’ve been abroad?

London, trade tickets to Craft Beer Rising are incredible. So much delicious beer. Further afield, Pla in the Gothic Quarter of Barcelona I was served what was possibly the best meal I have ever had. Some fantastic wine there too.

If you were to design a beer tour of any city, which spots would you include and why?

I’ve already mentioned it, but Barcelona, simply because of the breadth of choices available. To really do the place justice you need several tours, because if you try to fit every great beer spot into one stagger you will be hospitalised by the end! But for one off the top of my head, I’d be tempted to start at Black Lab for some brewpub action, head to Ale&Hop for some internationally-sought after beers (be careful with those imperial stouts!), Garage Beer Co for more brewpub, BierCab for your Belgian fix, then trot down to Lambicus and indulge in some life-changing sours. That list is by no means exhaustive – Beer Cat, Edge, and many others need visiting.

And lastly, this is your space to shamelessly plug anything you want about UBREW!

One: you can buy our beer online, and you should do it right now! Head to and click “our beer”.

Two: we sell homebrew ingredients! Get to our website and get on it!

London Beer
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