Christmas Beer Gift Ideas For The Beer Lover In Your Life

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Us! We asked ourselves, ‘what would be the ultimate beer gift?’. Christmas is fast approaching, and it’s time to start thinking about what to get for the beer lover in your life. Or time to starting hinting at the beer gifts you yourself would like to receive! Whoever you are buying for, if they love beer, you need our Christmas shopping guide. In no particular order, here is our ultimate list of Christmas beer gift ideas. Use it wisely.

A good growler

A what?! You heard us, a decent growler. This is an essential piece of kit, especially if your beer geek loves to visit taprooms. You could pick one up from your local bottle shop or brewery tap, or if you want to go for something a little fancier you could check out this swish stainless steel number from Klean Kanteen. If beautiful design is also a key factor in your choice, you can’t go wrong with these stunning ceramic growlers from Orange Vessel.


Being a beer geek is a badge of honour to be worn. Look up their favourite breweries online and see if they sell merch. If you’re after something a little more general, we love the range of hats and Ts available from the Good Beer Hunting site. Tonnes of breweries are now branching out into sportswear as well as more general apparel. You’ll find a lot of beer fans are also keen cyclists or runners. Oskar Blues have a great selection of cycling accessories, from socks to riding jerseys.

Beer Gift Ideas Good Beer Hunting TShirt

Invest in their future…

If you really want to push the boat out, why not look into their favourite beer brands and see if there is an opportunity to invest in shares. BrewDog open up their Equity For Punks from time to time, and if you look out for independent bottle shops and breweries you’ll often find them seeking funding via sites such as CrowdCube. As a shareholder you’ll receive regular perks, from discounts to birthday treats and exclusive event invites. Crikey, these beer gift ideas just keeps giving!

Beer making kit

How about something a bit more hands on, like a beer making kit. The Brooklyn Brew Shop has some great options, and you can order extra ingredients and reuse the equipment time and time again. If you feel like splashing out you can pick up this beautiful kit from Box Brew Kits. It comes complete with sample glasses and coasters and is displayed in a stunning pine box. For something a little more ‘mad scientist’ we recommend the BrewDemon Craft Beer Kit Plus. It has its own mini replica fermenting vessel, how adorable!

Beer Gift Ideas Brooklyn Brew Kit

A beery advent calendar

Why wait until Christmas when you can start dishing out your beer gift ideas early with a beery countdown calendar. The ultimate badboy beer calendar comes from the folks over at Toøl but hurry, these sell out fast! You’ll find that most beer subscription companies will have their own calendars available too. If you’re based in the UK this cheeky number from Beer Hawk ought to do the trick.

Subscription box

We recently found Hop Burns & Black Sub Club, and we can’t get enough of it. Their tagline is ‘all killer no filler’ and they certainly live up to it. You are guaranteed to get the best beers available from this subscription club. It does come at a premium price when compared with other boxes, but we reckon it’s worth it. Each box comes with detailed tasting notes as well as recipes ideas from their expert beer writers. They deliver across the EU, but you’ve plenty more to choose from. Beer52 is another firm favourite and is always accompanied by a copy of Ferment Magazine, bonus! Christmas beer gifts just got serious!

Beer Gift Ideas Beer Hawk Advent Calendar

Beer Book

You can’t go wrong with the Oxford Companion To Beer edited by the one and only Garrett Oliver of Brooklyn Brewery. Be warned though, it’s a hefty number! It thoroughly catalogues the history of beer, from styles and drinking traditions to brewing technicalities. This is an essential companion for any serious beer fan. Alternatively, you might fancy picking up something more accessible that can be put into daily practice. For this we recommend the latest book from the exceptional British beer writer Melissa Cole.  The Little Book Of Craft Beer celebrates over 100 of the world’s most cherished beers. Melissa makes some fantastic food and beer pairing recommendations, as well as giving recipes that use beer as a key component. A good one to keep on hand in the kitchen for those inspired cheffing moments.


When you love beer as much as we do, you start to get a bit choosy about your glassware, and rightly so! Get yourself over to Kegworks and check out the Teku glasses. These are the ultimate choice for beer lovers, and it’s perfect if they’re proudly sharing snaps on Instagram or Untappd!

Beer Gift Ideas Melissa Cole Little Book Of Craft Beer

Beer Festival Tickets

As far as beer gift ideas go, what could be better than the promise of experiencing a great day out together? Splash out and grab a couple of tickets to a big beer festival. A favourite of ours has been MBCC in Copenhagen, and 2018 promises to be bigger and better than ever. Get online and have a hunt around, you can opt for something local or make a trip out of it and plan a holiday! Why not check out our City Beer Guides for some inspiration on great places to visit!

And of course our favourite beer gift ideas wouldn’t be complete with out the Beer Adventures App!

We couldn’t write our Christmas list without including our very own Beer Adventures App. When we go away we like to drink like a local, and our app makes it super easy to do just that. It allows users to go on app-led beer tours in cities all around the world, discovering some of the best places to drink beer and passing by famous sights on the way. The app will also ask you questions about beer and about the city that you’re in. So if you’re with friends you can get competitive and earn points by answering as quickly as possible. Discover amazing new beer venues as well as broadening your general knowledge! Why not have a peak at some of the cities we’re in right now for your next holiday or trip away. 

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